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What’s new in the Apple iPad 2?

by admin
on February 28th, 2011
In Apple iPad 2

Since its release in April of 2010, Apple's contribution to the tablet PC industry, the iPad, has sold roughly 15 million units.  Now, less than a year later, Apple is on the threshold of possibly irritating those somewhat 15 million users by introducing the iPad 2; however, Apple is making some pretty big promises about the functionality and new features of this new tablet.  What actually will be included remains to be seen.  There are some speculations that the following […]

What an iPhone Application Developer Does

by admin
on February 15th, 2011
In iPhone Developer

All iPhone Application Developers are not created equal. It is rare for one person to be able to do everything perfectly. That's why a team of dedicated people is needed in the development of iPhone applications. There are many positions and components to a team of developers. First are the User Interface Specialists whose task is to do usability research for mobile phones. By doing the usability research, the user can better understand the use of an iPhone application. The […]

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