What’s new in the Apple iPad 2?

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on February 28th, 2011
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Since its release in April of 2010, Apple's contribution to the tablet PC industry, the iPad, has sold roughly 15 million units.  Now, less than a year later, Apple is on the threshold of possibly irritating those somewhat 15 million users by introducing the iPad 2; however, Apple is making some pretty big promises about the functionality and new features of this new tablet.  What actually will be included remains to be seen.  There are some speculations that the following items and features may be included; as to the reality of these claims, we will all have to sit back and see.

A front- and rear-facing camera is the most probable of all unannounced features.  This creates not only the functionality of increased FaceTime ability, but also gives one the capability to take photos and create high-def videos.

As an Apple user already knows, with each subsequent version of its many devices, the body of the device becomes more sleek, thin, and stylish.  It is highly likely that this version will be sleeker than its predecessor, and have retooled bezels.

Along with updating the look and feel of the iPad with the iPad 2, it is also circulating that the newer version will have an updated operating system.  If it did not update its operating system, it would most likely have to depend on its software features to sell the device, especially with other tablet PCs trying to dominate the market.  It is also being said that Apple may unveil a cloud-based service for its users to store their media content.  Along with these possibilities, it is quite certain that the processor will be updated, as well.

One feature that may make users a bit angry is the somewhat plausibility that Apple is doing away with the home button.  According to sources, this is due to the fact that there will be a new user interface that negates the need for the home button.  A few more finger taps and a user will be taken to the home screen.

One feature that users would like to see but that Apple most likely again will not support is the users' requests for the iPad to support Adobe Flash.  In all likelihood, this request will again be ignored.

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