Top 9 iPad Apps to Plan Your Vacation!

by admin
on June 21st, 2011
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We were slumped in the office the other day, trying to work out the annual vacation schedule and talking about everyone's big plans. That's when the conversation got quiet.

Apparently, none of us want to hassle with plans, we just want to go on vacation! But, there are some basic components that have to be figured out for a relaxing time to be had by me.

I mean by all.

For instance, where are we going to go, where will we sleep once we get there, what will we do when we wake up, and how much is it all going to cost?

We live and breathe apps around here, so I decided to put my iPad to work and researched dozens of apps, looking for just the right ones to take some of the stress out of vacation planning.

And here they are, in no particular order, my top 9 iPad apps for vacation planning. Pass the piña colada, I'm gone!


This is a must-have if you're traveling, and really fun even if you're not. With this one little app, you can check out restaurants and hotels, find things to do, discover what's around you and how to get there, find and book flights, chat with other travelers via forums, and save your favorites for later reference.

Cost: Free

Intercontinental Hotels Group Concierge Insider Guides

If you're headed to one of the destinations covered in this app, you'll love everything it offers. It's a beautiful interface with videos, tips, and directions for where to eat, shop, stay or play.

Each concierge suggests activities for the entire day, allowing you to do lots of planning before you arrive.

Cost: Free

Allstays Camp and RV

This app was built by a camper and has great reviews. It uses GPS and maps that you can manipulate to your heart's content. Features include listings of over 18,000 campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada, even those that are hike-in or boat-in only. There's a huge amount of information provided about each campsite, including tents or no tents, pet-friendly or no, location of outdoor supply stores, showers or no, location of big rig access, age restrictions, Internet access or no, nearest Walmart parking, and lots more.

Parts of the app even work with no WiFi or service. Makes me want to go camping! It's pricey, but take a look, it might be perfect for you.

Cost: $5.99

Road Tripper

OK, there are all kinds of maps available on your phone, your iPad, and your car's dash, but this has a cool little feature that allows you to just tap the map and it'll give you walking or driving directions from where you are to where you tapped. (A note that this is provided by Google Directions API service and is dependent on the reliability of that provider.)

This has good basic features for a free app, or you can upgrade to increase the number of trips or taps you want to make.

Cost: Free or $1.99 for upgrade

The Weather Channel

Just like the maps, we all have some access to weather info through our many gadgets, but I like this app. It's simple and reliable and I can check to see if it's Speedo® or slicker weather while I'm drinking my first cup of coffee.

Cost: Free


This app is for the beginning of your planning – deciding where to go. It has great deals and gorgeous pictures to go along with the reviews of each destination site.

You can choose a specific city, or try out their suggestions, such as Far-Flung Family Getaways, or Top Destination Spas.

Although Jetsetter is a members-only community, iPad users can purchase vacations through the app. They don't say how long that will hold true, so check it out now if you're interested.

Cost: Free

Free WiFi Finder

I'm always searching for hotspots when I travel. This app is a time-saver! And strangely, you don't have to be online to find a spot, just download it beforehand.

New locations are added each day. Easy way to find free WiFi!

Cost: Free

AllSubway HD

This app provides 131 metro and light rail maps and counting. They add more maps each time they update.

Just zoom in and out with a pinch/unpinch of your fingers to see details. This is so much better than standing in front of a giant map, getting shoved here and there while you're trying to figure out how to get to your stop.

A bonus with this app is that you don't have to be online to use it.

Cost: $0.99

XE Currency

This app is slick and simple. It provides the latest rates, refreshing on its own or when you tell it to do so, and has many currencies from which to choose. If you're traveling to a location where another currency is used, get this app. You'll appreciate it on shopping trips!

Cost: Free

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