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iPad Development

Our iPad App Development Process:

  • Client submits RFQ for great iPad application idea
  • We respond with questions and/or quote
  • Client works with a project manager who helps them define the concept for their iPad application
  • Project manager defines the scope of the project and creates a rapid development plan
  • Client and project manager (along with lead developer) work very closely during development to make sure Client’s goals are being met, while project manager ensures integrity of the project from both a technical and marketing perspective
  • Project is ready for testing – first by developer and project manager, and then secondly by Client
  • iPad app is submitted to the iPad App Store by project manager
  • Client and project manager monitor analytics as well as evaluate marketing plan to achieve maximum results
  • Client and project manager retire, both very wealthy from the highly successful iPad app (ok… this part isn’t guaranteed, but we do believe in our projects!)
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